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We are incredibly grateful to these organizations for their time and partnership with bringing "Then and Now" to life.


Tyee Club of Campbell River

The first account of angling for Tyee appeared in The Field, published in London, October 1896. This was submitted by Sir Richard Musgrave who described the excellent fishing he had off the mouth of the Campbell River in September of that year. He used a dugout canoe paddled by a Native guide from Cape Mudge. He and his partner, W. H. Gordon, took nineteen Tyee in one week as well as several Coho and trout. His largest fish, taken September 20th, weighed 70 pounds. A model of this fish, made by a Mr. Fannin of the museum at Victoria, was subsequently displayed at Wards in Piccadilly and acclaimed as the largest salmon ever taken on rod and line. The Tyee Club played a huge part in establishing BC as a top destination for salmon anglers around the world to come visit and try to gain the title of "Tyee Man".

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